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Product Care


Leather Care

Every BELUCIA ® handbag is crafted from high quality Naked Leather. Our Naked Leathers are created from high quality hides, treated only with the highest-grade dyes. This produces delicate, soft, supple leather. In order to preserve the natural beauty, and gorgeous feel of these leathers they are not treated with any harsh sealants or degrading finishes. We strive to create beautiful, fashionable bags that will last a lifetime, however the delicacy of Naked Leather can leave it vulnerable to damage.      

We provide a felt bag with every BELUCIA ® handbag that you purchase. We recommend that you always store your handbag in this protective cover, when not carrying it.
Please always store your bag out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources!
Please allow wet or dampened leather to air-dry, away from any heat or light sources.
We recommend our customers to apply an over the counter leather treatment (waterproof), it can help to prevent transfer and stains.
If you do get something on your bag, treat it immediately! We recommend a leather crème- available at many retailers, including shoe repair stores. Rub the crème in with a cotton cloth & allow to dry naturally. Some dye may come up onto the cleaning cloth- this is natural & will not affect the appearance of your bag.

Never use waxes, silicone based products, alcohol, turpentine or mineral spirits as they can damage the natural feel of the leather or the color. Additionally, mink oil or other animal fat based products will likely darken the color of the leather.

With proper care we know you’ll love and enjoy your BELUCIA ® handbag for years to come!


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